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Cops: Suspect's Butt Filled With Coke, Pot, Pills

Huge amount of drugs recovered from New Yorker


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Drugs Stored In Butt

MAY 11--In what may be a record for narcotics recovered from a suspect’s rectum, Vermont cops last week arrested a New York City man who hid large quantities of crack cocaine, marijuana, and Oxycodone inside his body.

Alex Boulet, 29, is facing felony drug charges stemming from a May 4 traffic stop in Rockingham. Boulet, a Staten Island resident, was driving a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu when a state trooper pulled the vehicle over after it swerved across lanes around 11 PM.

During a subsequent pat down of Boulet (who used the alias “Elijah Jones”), a trooper “felt a hard object, the approximate size of a golf ball that was separate from his genitals.” In short order, investigators secured a warrant to search Boulet--via X-ray or other non-intrusive medical procedures--for narcotics, according to a court affidavit.

After an initial X-ray at a local hospital revealed a foreign object in his rectum, Boulet was given a laxative by hospital staffers (he also requested a cup of coffee). Boulet subsequently passed a plastic bag containing several other bags that contained a total of 84 crack rocks “all packaged individually.”

After a second X-ray showed “more foreign objects,” Boulet returned to the commode in his hospital room. He then passed two plastic bags containing a total of 218 Oxycodone pills. Boulet expelled the powerful painkiller from his rectum more than five hours after passing the crack cocaine.

When a third X-ray revealed that Boulet was still holding, he was transferred to the intensive care unit of a second hospital. While there, he “passed his fourth bag of contraband,” noted Trooper Kevin Hughes in the May 7 affidavit. The final bag--covered like the others in unpleasantness--contained 11.5 grams of marijuana.

As a result of his secret dispensary, Boulet was charged with possession of crack cocaine, marijuana, and a regulated drug. He is locked up in the Marble Valley Correctional Center in lieu of $50,000 bail. (2 pages)