Woman Charged With Nursing Stranger's Baby

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Woman Charged With Nursing Stranger's Baby

JUNE 3--An Oklahoma woman has been charged with allegedly breastfeeding someone else's baby at a day care center.

Shannon Denney, a 32-year-old lawyer, was hit Friday with an outraging public decency count, a misdemeanor, for an incident late last year involving a newborn baby. According to prosecutors, Denney, whose own daughter attended the Pal's Daycare School in Stigler, Oklahoma, tried to comfort the crying baby. After trying to get the infant to drink from a bottle, Denney tried bouncing the child--but that didn't calm the kid either.

Day care worker Jackie Freeman told cops that when she noticed the newborn had calmed down, she looked over and saw Denney breastfeeding the baby. Denney allegedly told her daughter the breastfeeding was "our little secret," according to a probable cause affidavit.

The baby's mother learned of the incident in mid-April, which triggered the criminal charge against Denney, who is president of the Haskell County Bar Association. (2 pages)