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Why Don't We Do It In The Road?

Maine duo had sex in "full view" of pedestrians, motorists


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Why Don't We Do It In The Road?

AUGUST 28--Two young lovebirds are facing indecent conduct charges after a cop spotted them having sex "in full view" of motorists and pedestrians traveling on a Maine street.

The exhibitionists, Faith Erman, 19, and Joseph Lattari, 20, explained to police that they had been at Erman's home last Saturday morning, but "decided to leave the apartment so that they could find a place to have sex without bothering other people at the apartment."

The duo, pictured at left, settled on a spot adjacent to College Avenue, according to this Orono Police Department report. That's where a cop discovered the naked duo at 5:45 AM (Erman was said to be on all fours "straddling" Lattari, who "was lying on his back on the ground").

"While they were putting their clothes on they repeatedly apologized for their actions," an Orono cop noted. (2 pages)