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Who's The Loser Now?

American arrogance, more Obama fans, and other assorted arrestees

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Who's The Loser Now?

NOVEMBER 14--This week's mug shot roundup kicks off with a quintet of perps nabbed while wearing the same t-shirt (the garment's entire message reads, 'Only a real loser would stand there and take the time to read the message on someone else's stupid t-shirt').

And as for the other booking photos, a couple of notes: 1) Yes, the women on page #6 both appear to be wearing bathrobes. One suspect was charged with arson, while the other is facing assault and criminal damage counts. We can only assume they are fans of the late hoodlum/sleepwear enthusiast Vincent 'Chin' Gigante; and 2) Regarding the gents on page #18, it would be nice if supporters of a certain politician stopped getting busted while wearing shirts bearing his image. That would be change we could believe in. (18 pages)