Meth Trafficker Walter White Wants Stuff Back

Inmate seeks return of his gun, truck, laptops

Walter White

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Walter White Motion

JULY 28--Methamphetamine trafficker Walter White wants law enforcement officials to return his gun, truck, and other belongings confiscated during a raid, according to court records.

White, who was sentenced in December 2013 to 12 years in prison, has petitioned a federal judge to order Department of Justice prosecutors to return property “illegally seized” by members of a drug task force.

In addition to his .45 caliber pistol and Ford Bronco, White, 55, wants a flat screen TV, two laptop computers, and a camera surveillance system turned over to his son Bradley, a Montana college student. The elder Mr. White (seen at right) is being held at the federal lockup in Big Spring, Texas until March 2024.

White’s federal court filing argues that “the property seized is being held unreasonably and there is no probable cause since these items were not forfeited.”

In response to White’s court motion, prosecutors this month said they had no problem returning cell phones, miscellaneous documents, and a DVR player taken during the federal search of White’s Montana business.

But as for the other property being sought by White, government lawyers explained that the inmate would have to take that matter up with Montana cops.

Three months before federal agents raided Walt’s Garage, White’s business, the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office executed a January 2013 search warrant at the property and left with computer equipment, a Smith & Wesson handgun, and other items (which apparently included White’s truck).

The original search of Walt’s Garage was prompted after White’s son Brandon shot him during a reported argument over a $10,000 drug debt. Investigators found bloody and bullet-riddled garments inside the business.

The second search, which focused on White’s narcotics business, yielded four ounces of methamphetamine and $15,000 in cash. When questioned by federal agents, White copped to distributing as much as two pounds of meth per week. (3 pages)