Jackass Dumped Flour On Walmart Shopper's Head

"Prankster" streamed attack on woman, 68

AUGUST 31--An Indiana man who poured a bag of flour over the head of a 68-year-old woman shopping at Walmart was arrested yesterday for the brazen attack, video of which the man streamed live online.

Investigators charge that Phillip Leon Weaver, 22, snuck up behind the victim Wednesday morning as she was shopping for her grandchildren. “It’s going down,” Weaver announced as he broadcast the attack via Facebook Live.

After dousing the woman, Weaver tossed the five-pound bag of flour and fled the Walmart in Beech Grove, an Indianapolis suburb. Weaver subsequently posted video of the sneak attack along with the caption “Pouring flower on lady’s head.”

Weaver, who has previously filmed “pranks” in the store, was arrested Thursday afternoon and is facing criminal mischief, battery, and theft charges. He was also hit with a separate gun theft count.

While the elderly victim was not injured in the flour attack, she was upset and crying while being interviewed by police.

Pictured at left, Weaver is being held in the Marion County jail on the felony and misdemeanor charges. Weaver has posted prior filmed Walmart pranks to his Instagram page (@phildapothead) and on Facebook, where he has reported, “I’ve been high 5 years straight.”

The Beech Grove Walmart has previously graced these pages after two women engaged in a wild fight in the store’s shampoo aisle.