Criminal Rap For Walmart "Cold Chicken" Attack

Cops: Woman, 20, hit victim with thrown poultry

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Cold Chicken

OCTOBER 29--A Pennsylvania woman is facing a criminal charge after allegedly striking another woman in the back of the head with a “cold chicken” at a Walmart Supercenter, according to police and court records.

Police say that Tahonee Fickes, 20, earlier this month “threw a cold chicken” at Kimberly Pittman, 52, while the women were inside a Walmart in Chambersburg, a central Pennsylvania borough about 15 miles from the Maryland state line.

The chicken “struck [Pittman] in the back of her head,” according to the Pennsylvania State Police. It is unclear what prompted the alleged poultry attack, or if Pittman was injured during the October 7 incident.

Fickes and Pittman are not related. Police and court records do not indicate whether either woman works at Walmart.

Seen at right, Fickes was named in a criminal citation filed Wednesday in District Court. She has been charged with harassment/physical contact.

Fickes last year was convicted for passing a forged check and placed on probation for nine months and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service. She was arrested last month on a child endangerment charge, for which she is scheduled to be arraigned on November 29. (2 pages)