Inked Suspects Now Pose For Revealing Pix

Mug shots could pass for Kardashian "selfies"

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Revealing Mug Shots

SEPTEMBER 17--In addition to being fingerprinted and posing for mug shots, many arrestees are now having assorted areas of their body examined so that police can photograph tattoos in an effort to memorialize identifying details unique to the suspect.

This expansion of the booking process has resulted in law enforcement officials taking photos after women have removed or lifted up their shirts to reveal tattoos.

Additionally, arrestees will often have to pull down the front or back of their pants to display concealed ink for jailers.

The resulting close-ups show cleavage, naked torsos, butt cracks, and who is not wearing a bra. And feet. Loads and loads of tattooed feet.

The body part photography--which occurs at jails and police precincts nationwide--is not reserved for those accused of serious crimes. A woman collared for driving without a license is subjected to the same intrusive inventory as a suspect facing felony charges.

On the following pages is a representative selection of post-arrest photos taken during recent weeks. (23 pages)