For Illegals, Snitching Will Set You Free

How to avoid deportation? Try to enlist with DEA

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DEA Informant

JUNE 11--There seems to be one surefire way for an illegal immigrant--even if they are a convicted narcotics trafficker fresh from prison--to be allowed to remain in the United States:

Become an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Think of it as the DEA’s version of the DREAM Act or an H1-B visa for a foreigner who excels in the highly specialized field of snitching.

In a recent U.S. District Court filing, federal prosecutors disclosed the sweet deal that one such criminal struck with investigators.

The confidential informant, who is only referred to as “CI#1,” spent about a decade in prison for drug trafficking. Usually, when someone in the country illegally finishes a lengthy federal prison term, they are turned over to immigration officials and then deported to their home country.

However, in the case of “CI#1,” the felon opted to join Team America.

The informant, who was freed in 2001, “has been proactively cooperating with the DEA since that time,” according to a footnote in a May court filing. Information provided by the snitch, prosecutors noted, has been corroborated by “independent evidence, including consensually recorded telephone calls, surveillance and recorded meetings.”

“CI#1” has been cooperating for “pay and to avoid deportation,” according to the court document, which, of course, does not detail what the informant has banked for his/her efforts.

The details about “CI#1” are contained in a search warrant application filed in connection with a DEA probe into a Panamanian drug trafficking organization suspected of shipping kilos of cocaine into the Port of New York. “CI#1,” a DEA agent reported, recorded conversations with members of the drug ring, and met with several traffickers (two of whom were subsequently arrested and “flipped” by federal agents).

Since it is likely that any criminal cases stemming from the DEA investigation will end with guilty pleas, the identity of “CI#1” will remain confidential. (1 page)