Survivor Colby's Texas Booze Bust

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Survivor Colby's Texas Booze Bust

Until TSG came across this Texas police report--first unearthed by the National Enquirer--we were not a big fan of Colby Donaldson, one of the remaining contestants on TV's "Survivor." Really, how can you root for someone who not only spurns witchy Jerri's advances, but packed a Texas flag as his one luxury item? Though we are feeling better about the 26-year-old car customizer since learning of his September 1999 bust for public intoxication. Seems Colby went on a bender that left him face down in a San Angelo parking lot. And, of course, he was planted in "a large puddle of his own vomit." (3 pages)

Ms. Wiglesworth remains TSG's favorite Survivor.

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