Stern Measures In Death Threat Case

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Stern Measures In Death Threat Case

The South Carolina man charged with threatening to kill Howard Stern believed that the DJ was obsessed with him and that Stern used his radio show's comedy skits to upset and harass him.

During a recent court-ordered psychiatric examination, a delusional Michael Carvin said that he retaliated by mailing death threats to Stern. "If a bully punches you in the face," Carvin explained, "you punch back."

On August 20, a New York judge ruled Carvin competent to stand trial and turned down the imprisoned defendant's bail application. In opposing the bail request, a federal prosecutor called Carvin a "grave danger to Mr. Stern and his family" and noted that, if Carvin was released, Stern's radio show could still "provoke" Carvin.

Here's an excerpt from Dr. Robert Berger's psychiatric report on Carvin, which was just filed in U.S. District Court. (7 pages)

Carvin's indictment is in the Archive.