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Sirhan Sirhan, 2008

Latest mug shot of man who murdered Bobby Kennedy 40 years ago

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Sirhan Sirhan, 2008

JUNE 6--Here's the latest mug shot of Sirhan Sirhan, who murdered Robert F. Kennedy in a Los Angeles hotel 40 years ago this week. The assassin, now 64, was photographed in March at California's Corcoran State Prison, where he is serving a life sentence for RFK's 1968 killing. (1 page)

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sorry i need to coment more - this so called human being is remembered at this time of year - the approaching anniversary of RFK'S assasination. Seeing his smiling face turns my stomach !!!
Despite confessing to the criminal offense, Sirhan Sirhan maintains that he does not recall murdering Robert F. Kennedy. Sirhan was apprehended at the scene by bystanders, who wrestled his gun from him after he had terminated all of his ammo. Sirhan's attorney maintains that his client was brainwashed into committing the assassination.
this picture literally makes me ill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this a hole caused more then changing the 68 election- he is responsibe for all those vietnam causuties. rfk would have ENDED the war on his inaguration day !!! may he live and rot to be over 100 ! and then burn in hell !!!