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Show Me Your Hands!

Mug shot roundup of suspects recently fingered by law enforcement

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Show Me Your Hands!

NOVEMBER 21--This week's mug shot package begins with a group of Robert Mitchum wannabes who had their tattoos photographically inventoried by sheriff's deputies.

As for the other suspects, a few notes: 1) The 20-year-old woman on page #2 has been arrested twice in the past five weeks (first for domestic battery and then, this week, for violating a no contact order); 2) The 22-year-old Floridian on page #4 became teary after a domestic violence bust; 3) The Obama supporters on page #6 were separately nabbed for theft and criminal mischief (at left) and simple assault; 4) Ashley, 22, seen on page #7, has been popped three times in the past six months. The Idahoan has been busted for failure to appear, violating probation, and contempt (for which she was arrested this week); and 5) That's 'lapd' over the left eyebrow of the perp on page #13. (19 pages)