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Shortchanged At White Castle?

Man calls 911 after hooker disappoints in eatery bathroom

White Castle

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Shortchanged At White Castle?

APRIL 5--Meet William Ferris.

The Ohio man yesterday paid a prostitute $50 with the understanding that he would receive a full menu of sexual services in the bathroom of a White Castle in Cincinnati. However, when the hooker only performed oral sex on him, Ferris--who was also expecting vaginal sex--contacted police to report that he had just been robbed.

When Hamilton County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to Ferris's 911 call, his 'story began to fall apart,' according to an arrest report. Ferris admitted that he was not, in fact, robbed by his unidentified paid date. In an interview, a frustrated Ferris told TSG that he expected 'all of it for $50,' but just got 'kissing and sucking' during the 20-minute bathroom encounter. He added that the hooker picked the White Castle for their assignation since its bathroom locked (and not because of the eatery's tasty belly bombers).

The unemployed Ferris, charged with solicitation and making a false police report, was scheduled to be arraigned today on the misdemeanor counts. He told TSG that he will be charged with trespassing if he returns to the White Castle on Harrison Avenue. (2 pages)

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The obvious comment would be that he blew the fifty bucks.....but I'm amazed that she would have agreed to the"full tour" with this gomer.....even crack ho's have some standards..... I feel bad for the presiding judge in this case......imagine how difficult it is going to be keeping a straight face in the courtroom..... The Baliff in the courtroom needs to place a White Castle wrapper on the weight tray on the scale of justice in the court.....
Just imagine the trial if his case would have been assigned to the "penis pump" judge.
By the looks of this clown the girl should have been paid $50 just to kiss him....she did go over board on customer service.
Judging by the dude's goofy photo, I have a feeling the hooker was the one who was shortchanged.