Self-Service Car Wash Bust

No happy ending for Michigan man arrested at the Fill-N-Wash

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Self-Service Car Wash Bust

OCTOBER 20--Meet Jason Savage.

The Michigan man was arraigned last week on an indecent exposure charge after cops allegedly caught him, um, detailing himself with a vacuum at the Fill-N-Wash Car Wash.

Savage, pictured in his mug shot, was spotted last month loitering around a Saginaw car wash by Officer Charles Brocker of the Thomas Township Police Department. Brocker initially thought that Savage was 'looking for change in the waste access door,' according to a police report.

But when he got within 20 feet of the suspect, Brocker instead discovered that Savage has his pants undone and was using the 'commercial car vacuum' for a decidedly off-label use. When confronted by Brocker, Savage had a succinct response: 'Oh shit!'

Savage, who was arraigned on October 16, told Brocker that he was on parole for home invasion, pot possession, and 'Flee and Elude.' (3 pages)