Scientology's Nut Job Founder

Cruise a kook? Check out these gems from L. Ron's FBI file

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Scientology's Nut Job Founder

JUNE 24--As Tom Cruise and his Scientology cohorts show Katie Holmes the religion's ropes, they surely won't be spending any time focusing on L. Ron Hubbard's wonderfully entertaining FBI file.

Which, of course, is TSG's job.

This Hubbard guy, the bureau documents reveal, was quite a raving lunatic (who could have imagined?). When he wasn't diming out a supposed Nazi, beefing about his wife, or complaining about being harassed by Cuban commies, Hubbard wrote to the FBI about a bizarre home invasion.

Hubbard, the guiding light to nitwits like Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and Lisa Marie Presley, told agents in a May 1951 letter about being attacked in his crib. After being knocked out by the intruder(s), the science fiction author claimed, a needle was "thrust into his heart to produce a coronary thrombosis and he was given an electric shock."

Little wonder Cruise & Co. are so down on electro convulsive therapy considering what happened to this poor mother Hubbard, who died in 1986 at age 74. Here are some excerpts from L. Ron's FBI file, which we obtained via a Freedom of Information request. (13 pages)