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Rudolph, The Naughty Reindeer

Cops: Man took kids on X-rated Christmas display vandalism spree

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Rudolph, The Naughty Reindeer

DECEMBER 20--A Georgia man was arrested this week for allegedly directing a band of middle school students to vandalize neighborhood Christmas displays by placing reindeer lawn ornaments in lewd positions.

According to police, John Scott Hayes, 46, drove the underage posse around in the bed of his Ford Super Duty truck as they scoped out targets in Cobb County. A criminal warrant (a copy of which you'll find here) charges that Hayes, a Marietta resident, sought to 'find reindeer lawn ornaments and place them in sexually suggestive positions.' Hayes was nabbed after a witness spotted him and his merry band of 8-10 minors, who are members of the Mabry Middle School football team, and followed Hayes back to his residence.

He is now facing an assortment of misdemeanor raps, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and has refused to identify his underage coconspirators.

Hayes, seen in the mug shot at left, was booked into the Cobb County lockup and released after posting $2500 bond. (2 pages)