Not Knocked Up, So Smuggler Gets Locked Up

Cops: Argentine woman was pregnant with pot

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Argentine Pregnancy

NOVEMBER 14--The baby, Argentine cops say, weighed about four kilos.

A woman who appeared to be pregnant was actually wearing a handmade baby bump containing about nine pounds of marijuana, according to police who arrested the phony mom-to-be and a male companion on drug smuggling charges.

The couple were passengers on a bus traveling hundreds of miles between two Argetine provinces, according to law enforcement officials. During a stop at a police checkpoint, cops discovered that the woman was not with child, but rather 15 packages containing pot.

The drug stash was encapsulated inside a false belly constructed out of glue.

In announcing the pair’s arrest yesterday, Argentina’s security minister crowed that the “Narco Pregnancy” had been aborted by police.

While ambitious, the Argentine duo was not nearly as audacious as the Colombian smuggler who flew into Spain from Bogota in July with half-a-kilo of cocaine under his toupee. (2 pages)