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Poppin' Fresh Mug Shots

It's always a good Friday for a booking photo roundup

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Poppin' Fresh Mug Shots

APRIL 10--This week's mug shot roundup kicks off with Mr. Martel Munday, who was just nabbed on several felony raps. As you might have guessed, when Alabama cops raided Munday's home, they found money, guns, and a large amount of marijuana packaged for delivery.

As for the other booking photos, a couple of notes: 1) The design on the face of the Floridian on page #4 is apparently not some kind of homage to spaghetti. The tattoo fan, 40, was busted Tuesday for failing to appear in court on a prior drunk driving charge; and 2) Speaking of ink, when the 24-year-old Utah man on page #10 was busted Sunday on assault and weapons charges, police had to inventory a host of tattoos, including hatchets, daggers, and the word 'Psychopathic.' But here is how cops recorded his most distinctive body art: 'SNUGGLES FABRIC SOFTENER BEAR LT. ANKLE.' (14 pages)