Pastor Jimmy Wears Lipstick

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Pastor Jimmy Wears Lipstick

HOMEGROWN: Marijuana photos develop into bust.

JUNE 24--Meet Jimmy McCrary Jr. Until Sunday, he was the pastor of the Morning Star Baptist Church in South Richmond, Virginia. His tenure there came to a messy end--congregants canned him in a 185-41 vote--as a result of his arrest earlier this year for prostitution. Initially, church members decided to allow McCrary, 46, to stay in the pulpit. But when the below booking photo surfaced, the congregation's support quickly eroded. Apparently, it would be okay for a guy to troll for a hooker--just as long as he's not the floozy wearing rouge and a wig. McCrary, who pleaded guilty to the prostitution rap, was hit with a 90-day suspended sentence and three years probation. A pretty woman he ain't. (1 page)

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No one on the south side of Richmond, Va will ever forget you and your family, that's what the congregation at Morning Star gets, travelling all the way to Georgia to get hire you as a minister, serves them right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bet they won't do that ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!