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Beyonce Crotch Grab Offends

Viewers file FCC complaints over Grammy Awards telecast

Lady Gaga

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Offended By Beyonce Crotch Grabbing

MARCH 11--By now, you'd think that most television viewers would realize that music awards shows are filled with vulgarity, skimpy costumes, and lots and lots of crotch grabbing. Still, delicate Americans continue to tune in, get offended, and then write complaint letters to the Federal Communications Commission.

As seen here, portions of the recent Grammy Awards broadcast on CBS upset viewers not amenable to Lady Gaga's barely covered 'lower pubic hair area' or Beyoncé's 'simulated fellatio.' The letters were among Grammy-related indecency complaints received last month by the FCC, which released the missives in response to a TSG Freedom of Information Act request.

As is often the case, correspondents wrote of desiring to protect the country's impressionable youth. After being faced with Lady Gaga's exposed flank, a parent in Maiden, North Carolina reported, 'my 3 year old daughter was wondering why her butt was showing.' Exasperated, a Douglasville, Georgia resident noted that, 'I had to explain to a 10 yr old why turning on a tv now is a hazard!'

Lady Gaga (real name: Stephanie Germanotta) is pictured at left during her Grammy performance. (10 pages)

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I don't know why it's so disgusting to show nudity yet you can show people shooting each other and violence out the wahoo no problem. We really need to re-evaluate our priorities in this prudish society. The people who wrote in complaining can't even write a decent letter without buggering the English language all to hell. The grammar is atrocious! Maybe education should be a priority rather than bashing artists trying to express themselves.