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No Bang? Bang! Bang!

Florida man shoots self after being denied sex by girlfriend

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No Bang? Bang! Bang!

OCTOBER 2--Denied sex by his girlfriend, a Florida man yesterday responded by shooting himself, threatening the woman, and then passing out on the kitchen floor (after hitting the oven on the way down).

Jonathon Guabello, 29, was apparently under the influence of booze and Xanax when he shot himself in the right shoulder with a rifle in the Fort Myers apartment he shared with his girlfriend of five months. According to a Lee County Sheriff's Office report, the couple had returned home after fighting at a local bar and 'Guabello wanted to have sex.'

A copy of the October 1 report can be found here.

Turned down by his girlfriend, Guabello, pictured in the mug shot at left, became irate. After the woman departed the couple's bedroom, Guabello shot himself. He has been charged with firing a weapon in an occupied dwelling and threatening to assault his girlfriend. (2 pages)