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Newt's Nuptials & A Texas Tornado

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Newt's Nuptials & A Texas Tornado

Samuel B. Kent Order

Following a holiday layoff:

1) When The Smoking Gun read a recent Washington Post gossip item noting that Newt Gingrich and fiancee Callista Bisek had actually registered online at Williams-Sonoma for their August 18 nuptials, we knew immediately that was one Republican wish list we had to preserve. If you hurry, you can still get the former Speaker of the House (now heading for marriage #3) those spaghetti tongs or that wicked bundt cake pan. And, hey, if you're game, TSG's willing to go halfsies on that maple rolling pin 'cause we think these two kids are made for each other. (7 pages)

2) Samuel B. Kent is our favorite judge because the Texas jurist churns out orders like this beaut. TSG's archive includes another gem from this prince of the federal bench--just follow the link. (5 pages)