Cops: Naked Man Took Cat Nap On Store's Dog Beds

Floridian, 22, caught lounging in CVS bathroom

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JANUARY 2--A Florida man celebrated the New Year in jail after stripping off his clothes in a CVS pharmacy and taking several dog beds into the store’s bathroom, where he reclined atop the pilfered merchandise, according to cops.

Jeremiah Patterson, 22, is facing indecent exposure and theft charges in connection with the bizarre incident Tuesday evening at the store in Lutz. Patterson, seen at right, remains locked up on $10,150 bond.

As detailed in a police report, Patterson entered the CVS and proceeded to the men’s bathroom, where he “intentionally removed his clothing exposing his genitals in a lewd and lascivious exhibition.”

The naked Patterson then left the loo and “proceeded to rummage through 6 dog beds.” From that inventory, he selected three canine cushions and returned to the bathroom, where he was spotted “laying on top of them.”

As a result of Patterson’s naked lounging, the dog beds were damaged, thus depriving CVS of the “lawful right to ownership and sale of said items.”

Patterson’s rap sheet includes a felony grand theft conviction and probation violation charges. (1 page)