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Haitian Girl, model wannabe, highlight mug shot roundup

mug shot roundup

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JUNE 4--Kilroy apparently was supplanted by Kellyanne in the tramp stamp seen on the Florida man, 29, who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup (yes, that tattoo is on a guy). He was arrested Wednesday on a domestic battery charge.

As for the remaining defendants, a few notes: 1) Quincy, the 28-year-old Chicago gentleman on page #4, may be "Modeliscious," but he is definitely not a Tyra Banks protege. He was collared today on a prostitution charge; 2) The South Carolina man on page #5 was popped on a larceny charge earlier this week. But it's the other guy in the frame who is stealing the spotlight; and 3) The Florida teen on page #8 was busted for grand theft. As for that eye black, perhaps it was her way of avoiding glare when allegedly breaking the law. (15 pages)