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Mug Shot Spectacle

Nine over-the-top arrestees kick off booking photo roundup

mug shot roundup

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Mug Shot Spectacle

OCTOBER 23--Though they come from different backgrounds and regions, the nine arrestees kicking off this week's mug shot package are all members of the same peer group.

As for the other suspects, a few notes: 1) The 21-year-old Californian on page #6 was busted Wednesday for a probation violation. It is unclear what charges his barber is facing; 2) The Florida woman, 25, on page #9 was popped this week on felony burglary and grand theft charges. It is unclear what charges her tattoo artist is facing; and 3) To mark the recent passing of Lou Albano, we present a Captain lookalike on page #12. He was popped last week on a failure to appear charge and remains jailed. (15 pages)