Mother I'd Like To Film

Tennessee man charged with illegally videotaping girlfriend's mom

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Mother I'd Like To Film

JUNE 2--Meet Silvio Lucchesi.

The Tennessee man allegedly used a hidden camera to film his girlfriend's mother naked inside a bedroom in his home. Lucchesi, 33, was busted last week after Grayce Dewitt "observed a video camera in the closet of the bedroom she was getting dressed in after taking a shower."

Dewitt, who "observed the camera to be recording," reviewed the videotape and saw Lucchesi "adjusting the recorder just before she observed herself in the nude."

A police review of the tape also revealed that Dewitt had been recorded "in a similar state of undress" on May 26, two days before the video camera was discovered, according to a criminal complaint. Dewitt, a 54-year-old Arkansas resident, last week was visiting the suburban Memphis home her daughter shared with Lucchesi.

In a brief interview, Lucchesi referred to his arrest as a "bogus kind of a set-up situation," but declined to talk further. "I'm a nervous wreck," he said, adding that he has gone "days with no sleep."

Lucchesi is facing two counts of unlawful photographing, a misdemeanor. (3 pages)