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More Flight Fright & A Prehistoric Prenup

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More Flight Fright & A Prehistoric Prenup

Marital Agreement

Here's a dynamic duo:

1) In early-February, on a US Airways jet bound for Miami, passenger John Loftus provided some unique in-flight entertainment, according to this FBI arrest affidavit. All you need to know is that Loftus announced, "I'm Irish. I can drink." The high altitude hijinks--and the handcuffs--soon followed. The plane was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Charlotte, where Loftus is now facing airborne insanity charges. Irish Johnny's not the first, and won't be the last. (4 pages)

2) Yup, TSG's into weddings these days. That's why we got a kick out of this bizarre 1991 prenuptial agreement that just surfaced in a Washington, D.C.divorce action. Seems that Myles Spires, Jr., a former Pentecostal minister, had a 19th Century take on what was expected from wife Yvonne (though Article 5 ain't half-bad). A D.C. appellate judge called the wacky prenup "a striking example of the lengths to which some men would go to formalize the absurd and to exalt to contractual status their petty domestic tyranny." (3 pages)