Cops: Ex-Con Punched Woman At Drive-Thru

McDonald’s worker hit over slow service

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AUGUST 23--Incensed that he did not receive his McDonald’s food quickly enough, a 220-pound ex-con punched a female drive-thru employee in the face, according to Florida police who arrested the man this week on multiple felony charges.

According to cops, Sherman Lee Brown, 34, slugged the victim during a 3:30 AM confrontation at a McDonald’s in Leesburg, a city 45 miles north of Orlando.

Brown, seen at right, was a passenger in his girlfriend’s car on July 30 when he became angry at the waiting time in the drive-thru lane. Brown, cops allege, exited the vehicle and began yelling at the occupants in the car ahead of him in line.

Upon reaching the drive-thru window, Brown then directed his ire at McDonald's employees, using "derogatory words such as 'cracker'" and shouting that they “Hurry the fuck up,” according to an arrest affidavit.

The victim, cops say, told Brown she "was not going to serve him if he continued shouting and then asked the defendant to leave the property.

With that, Brown allegedly again exited his girlfriend’s car and threatened to hit the female worker. When the woman sought to close the drive-thru’s sliding window, cops charge, Brown struck her in the face. The blow knocked the woman’s glasses off and left her with an abrasion on her lip and "redness and swelling on her right cheek and eye."

Aided by surveillance video, police identified Brown as a suspect in the attack. The McDonald’s worker subsequently picked him out of a photo lineup.

Brown was charged Wednesday with three felonies, including burglary and battery. He was released from the Lake County jail after posting $29,000 bond, and is scheduled for arraignment on September 16.

Brown’s rap sheet overflows with convictions and includes terms of incarceration in state prison and county jails. He has been convicted of domestic battery by strangulation; burglary; violating probation; aggravated stalking; violating a protective order; theft; marijuana possession; cocaine possession; possession of cocaine with intent to sell; resisting police; possession of controlled substances; possession of drug paraphernalia; and driving without a license. (3 pages)