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Love On A Rooftop

Long Island couple busted after tryst atop school building

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Love On A Rooftop

JULY 18--Meet Rebekah Albee and Anthony Oddo.

The Long Island lovebirds were arrested yesterday and charged with public lewdness after they were spotted having sex on the roof of a Port Jefferson school. According to Suffolk County, N.Y. cops, Albee, 19, and the 24-year-old Oddo--who were nakedly trysting atop The John F. Kennedy Middle School--were "clearly visible from street" when officers responded to a call around 4:30 PM.

When Albee and Oddo spotted the cops, they tried to flee, but were nabbed "in the rear of the building," police said. It is unclear why the couple chose the roof for their afternoon rendezvous, though Oddo is listed as homeless, so that might have limited their options.

Along with the lewdness rap, both were hit with a criminal trespass count, also a misdemeanor (Oddo was also charged with resisting arrest). Before posing for her mug shot, Albee threw on a shirt, though her homeless beau remained defiantly topless.

The Albee/Oddo coupling, of course, immediately reminded TSG of the Louisiana duo who climbed a 200-foot water tower for some really high-altitude hijinks. Brenda Orme and John Meyers told cops they simply wanted to knock boots "on top of the world." (2 pages)