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Locked Up Lothario

Inmate got sex, favors from five female prison workers

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Locked Up Lothario

MARCH 15--Meet Michael Murphy.

The Montana inmate is not letting a 25-year prison sentence interfere with his love life, according to state correction officials. An investigation has determined that Murphy, 36, convinced at least five female prison employees to have sex with him, provide contraband, or grant him illegal favors.

A Montana Department of Corrections investigative report, first obtained by the Associated Press, details Murphy's manipulating ways and the sway he held over several guards and a clinical therapist. The corrections probe targeted prison employees, not Murphy, since Montana law states that inmates, like minors, cannot legally consent to sexual activity. Murphy, whose rap sheet includes theft, forgery, burglary, and criminal endangerment collars, is pictured in the mug shot at left.

According to investigative reports, which we've excerpted here, Murphy targeted certain women in a charm offensive whose goal was securing sex or favors. Therapist Killian Thomas told investigators that Murphy 'kissed me one day in my office and I just thought what the fuck did I just do.' She then told of engaging in mutual oral sex with Murphy in her office, and giving him about $400. 'I couldn't say no to him,' said Thomas. 'I couldn't get myself out of it.'

Guard Lisa Mantz, who told of 'swapping spit' with 'Murph,' admitted writing the convict a letter in which she said that 'I couldn't wait to screw him, fuck him, ride his dick. Shannon Davies, a guard who resigned her job during the corrections probe, copped to developing a 'limited emotional attachment' to Murphy, to whom she sent a greeting card with the notation, 'I'm in love with you.'

Murphy is being held at the Dawson County Correctional Facility in Glendive, about 20 miles from the North Dakota border. (12 pages)

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