A Little Something Something

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A Little Something Something

Geoffrey played so rough?

P Ditty

Take your pick:

1) TSG's seen some offensive ads before, but this one from Lipton is particularly galling. In a bid to sell onion dip, the company (part of the multinational Unilever firm) produced a print ad showing a Catholic churchgoer preparing to dunk a Holy Communion wafer in a bowl of dip. The ad, running in the current issue of the weekly New York Press, was called "an error in judgment" by a Unilever spokesman--after, of course, readers and church officials blasted it as demeaning.(1 page)

2) It appears that a federal trademark lawsuit brought recently by Toys "R" Us forced the proprietors of this online shop to give up their URL. Who would have known that cute giraffe Geoffrey played so rough? (2pages)

3) Speaking of infringement, it seems Bloods bigwig Paulette McCartha, who was just jailed on federal racketeering charges, was "P. Ditty" before Sean "Puffy" Combs decided he was "P. Diddy." Perhaps Big Mamma should retain Geoffrey's legal counsel. (1 page)