Abe Lincoln Reenactor Busted For Child Porn

Man could face more than a score years in prison

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"Lincoln" Nabbed

AUGUST 28--An Illinois man widely known for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln was arrested today on child porn and prostitution charges.

George Buss, 63, was jailed after police took him into custody this morning at his home in Freeport, a city 115 miles west of Chicago (and about 220 miles north of Springfield, the 16th president’s hometown).

Police did not offer further details of the charges against Buss, who was collared after a six-month investigation. He is facing a felony charge for allegedly producing child pornography and a misdemeanor count for patronizing a prostitute.

A second man, Tyler Dotson, was also arrested. Dotson, 22, was charged with two counts of distributing child porn, a felony, as well as prostitution.

Both Buss and Dotson are locked up in lieu of $200,000 bond. Buss is pictured above in a police mug shot and his Lincoln headshot.

Buss is a retired high school teacher who, for 35 years, has portrayed Lincoln across Illinois and the United States. He has appeared at elementary schools, historical societies, state fairs, Civil War and Lincoln-Douglas debate reenactments, Ford’s Theater, car shows, Presidents’ Day celebrations, and The Association of Lincoln Presenters conferences.

According to his web site, the “tall, thin, and bearded” Buss was “frequently told of his resemblance to Honest Abe.” In 1986, Buss made his first appearance as Lincoln at a National Educational Association convention in New Orleans. Last November, on the anniversary of the Gettysburg address, Buss delivered the brief speech during ceremonies at the Gettysburg National Cemetery in Pennsylvania.

if convicted of the child porn charge, Buss could face a prison sentence in excess of one score years, a maximum $100,000 fine, and placement on the sex offender registry. (1 page)