Cops: Boyfriend Busted For Hot Pockets Battery

Wyoming woman, 28, was battered by beau

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Hot Pockets Battery

NOVEMBER 6--A Wyoming man is facing a domestic battery charge after allegedly striking his girlfriend with a scalding Hot Pockets sandwich that left the victim with burns on her neck and ear, according to police.

Responding to a 911 call reporting an assault, Casper cops early Sunday morning spoke with a woman who said her friend had been injured by a Hot Pockets thrown by Levi Lucero, 29.

The witness told police that skin on the 28-year-old victim’s face was "blistering and falling off," as reported by K2 Radio News.

Responding officers noted that the victim--who was being loaded into an ambulance--appeared to have suffered burns on her neck and ear. They added that the woman had “Hot Pocket shrapnel all over her neck and shirt.”

Lucero, seen above, and the victim are parents of a two-year-old boy and have been together for six years.

During police questioning, Lucero acknowledged arguing with the victim, but denied that their dispute turned violent. But when asked about the woman’s injuries, Lucero reportedly replied, “I did not mean to burn her.”

The woman told cops that she had given Lucero a Hot Pockets that was heated up in a microwave. As he consumed the item, the couple quarreled. The victim alleged that Lucero struck her with the Hot Pockets after first throwing a phone at her. She also told police that Lucero subsequently pinned her to the couch with his forearm and screamed at her.

Asked about the confrontation, Lucero claimed that he threw the Hot Pockets after his girlfriend punched him in the nose while he was eating. (2 pages)