The Horse Of A Different Color Caper

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The Horse Of A Different Color Caper

Meet Cathy Crighton. While horse thieves generally fly below TSG's radar, Crighton's case piqued our interest. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office charged the 44-year-old Florida veterinarian this week with stealing three horses (Scooby Doo, Sandiego and Keller) and then painting two of them (Sandiego got a Rust-Oleum touch-up, although Keller was allowed to keep his natural tint) in an attempt to conceal their identities. When Sohail Shahzada, who owned the Wellington barn where Crighton stored one of the stolen horses, confronted the vet about the strange dye job, Crighton explained she had done it to "give uniform color appearance in the show ring," according to this sheriff's affidavit. Crighton has also been charged with animal cruelty and abandonment of animals. (8 pages)

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