Woman, 24, Ends Up In Cuffs Over Rough Sex

Boyfriend called cops after unwanted biting, scratching

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Nashville Bite Bust

JANUARY 7--A Tennessee woman is facing a domestic assault charge after her boyfriend told police that she bit and scratched him during some “intimate activities” on New Year’s Day, according to a court filing.

Around 1:25 AM on January 1, cops were dispatched to a Nashville apartment in connection with a reported domestic assault.

Upon arriving at the residence, the victim told officers that Kristan Parris, 24, “began to bite and scratch him while, or slightly before, they began some intimate activities.” He added that biting and scratching was “beyond the scope” of the couple’s “normal intimacy.”

A Nashville cop noted that the victim had several scratch marks on his back, and bite marks on his left arm and back (as first reported by Scoop: Nashville).

While speaking with police, Parris’s boyfriend said she had punched him several times a few weeks ago, but he did not report the incident.

Pictured above, Parris was subsequently charged with domestic assault, a misdemeanor. After being booked into the Davidson County jail, Parris was freed on $500 bond. She is scheduled for a January 14 hearing in General Sessions Court. (1 page)