Florida Man Stabs Dog

Cops: Knife used on Labrador retriever mix during domestic dispute

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Florida Man Stabs Dog

JULY 29--Meet Michael Flowers.

The Florida man was arrested Sunday and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after his girlfriend called cops to report that he stabbed their dog Harley during an argument about his excessive pill and alcohol use.

According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office report, Ginger Whidden was sitting on a living room couch with their three-and-a-half year old yellow Labrador retriever mix when Flowers, 27, walked toward her 'while speaking loud, and putting his hands in the air.' After Harley allegedly growled at him, Flowers got a knife and stabbed the dog on its left side.

While Flowers claimed 'the dog bit him 'for no reason'' and that he was 'afraid' of the animal, Whidden told sheriff's deputies that it was not uncommon for her boyfriend to abuse the pet in an 'inappropriate, excessive, and incorrect' manner. But officers at the house observed 'no injuries, including bite marks...and he refused EMS.'

Harley was taken to a veterinarian to have his wound looked at while Flowers was taken jail where he posed for a mug shot before being released on $3000 bond. (4 pages)

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I wish somebody would stab him in the same manner.