Cops: DoorDash Driver Targeted Gay Customers

Man wrote homophobic slurs on food order

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DoorDash Dumbass

SEPTEMBER 23--A 27-year-old Masshole who drives for DoorDash is facing hate crime charges after he scribbled homophobic slurs on the wrapper of a Subway sandwich he delivered to the home of a gay couple, according to court records.

Matthew Butchard was arrested Friday and charged with targeting the residents of a home in East Sandwich, a Cape Cod village. Butchard, who lives with his parents about four miles from the victims’s home, is facing criminal harassment, property damage to intimidate, and civil rights violation counts.

The case against Butchard was prompted, cops say, by a Snapchat video showing him writing on a sandwich that he left on the driveway of the home occupied by Todd Hermann, 62, and Steven James, 63. Along with a drawing of a penis, Butchard allegedly wrote “Todd + Steve = gay fags.”

The female tipster who sent the September 16 video to cops told a Sandwich Police Department officer that she had heard about Butchard “terrorizing the town” and that “this is not right and something needs to be done.”

The male couple harassed by Butchard are parents to a 20-year-old son who told cops that “Butchard doesn’t like me because I have two gay dads, I guess.” He added that Butchard had repeatedly made offensive posts on social media about his family and, when confronted, threatened to “spray paint both of your dads’ cars if you come near me.”

In an interview with cops, one of the homeowners--names are redacted in a police report--said that upon discovering the slurs on the sandwich wrapper, “We were absolutely upset and appalled. It clearly targeted us and we are upset.”

Of the three charges filed against Butchard, criminal harassment carries the longest possible prison sentence, 30 months.

Butchard, who appears to be a noxious neighborhood nuisance, has previously been arrested for marijuana possession, theft, and drug sales. In a “caution” note on a police report, Butchard--seen above in a mug shot taken following a prior bust--is described as having a “defiant and anti-authority demeanor.” (2 pages)