Disney Star Runs Afoul Of Law

Sheriff: Drunk duck nabbed in Florida Keys on Valentine's Day

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Disney Star Runs Afoul Of Law

FEBRUARY 24--Looks like our friends in Florida's Monroe County Sheriff's Office have again been 'messing around' with the agency's online arrest database.

As you may recall, employees there have previously reported fictitious busts of a llama and Eminem. On February 14, one Donald Luis Duck of 1201 Happy Place Lane in Orlando appeared on the blotter, complete with photo and pedigree information. While the Duck page was subsequently yanked, you can find a screen grab of it here.

According to the online registry, Duck, whose occupation was not listed, got nabbed for drunk driving in the Florida Keys. The Valentine's Day arrest of the 75-year-old white male apparently came after a Breathalyzer test showed Duck's blood alcohol content to be above the state's .08 legal limit.

When we asked about last October's purported loitering arrest of Juan Llama, a sheriff's spokesman told us then that an employee was improperly "messing around" on the law enforcement agency's web site. Seems like the fun has not ended. (1 page)