Man Dressed As Dinosaur Nabbed For Battery

Cops: Floridian in inflatable outfit attacked girlfriend

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Dinosaur Attack

OCTOBER 29--A man wearing an “inflatable dinosaur costume” allegedly battered his girlfriend during a dispute over attending a Halloween party, according to Florida police.

Cops allege that Patrick Gallway, 19, pushed the victim to the ground and proceeded to mount her and “hold her neck to the floor with his left hand.”

The Saturday night confrontation at Gallway’s residence in Port St. Lucie came shortly after the 23-year-old woman arrived at the residence and was met by Gallway “wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume in preparation for a Halloween party.”

The victim, who told police she was in a “strained relationship” with Gallway, said that she wanted the couple to go to a friend’s house to watch a movie. Gallway, she noted, “demanded that she attend the Halloween party with him.”

During an interview with the victim, a patrolman noted that “redness was present to the right side of her neck” and that there was a red mark on her upper torso. The woman’s account of the attack was supported by a witness who told police that he “separated the two parties.”

Gallway, seen above, was arrested around 2:45 AM Sunday when he returned to his residence from the Halloween party. As he pulled his car into the driveway, an officer “observed that an inflatable dinosaur costume was present in the front passenger seat.”

Charged with battery, Gallway was booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor count. He was released from custody yesterday afternoon. (2 pages)