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Did It For The Kids

Tattooed dad, repentant perp top mug shot roundup

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Did It For The Kids

OCTOBER 16--The Floridian who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup was popped last Saturday on a felony charge of boating under the influence. While we salute his body art tributes to young Caydance and Addisyn, we are truly puzzled by those bizarre three-pronged talons.

A few other notes about the remaining suspects: 1) The 45-year-old gent on page #4, a dancer/doorman at a Tampa-area goth club, was busted for knowingly driving without a valid license; 2) The video game devotee on page #12 was busted Wednesday by Texas cops for speeding and failing to appear in court; and 3) The "White Trash" on page #13 was collared last Sunday in Florida on a felony marijuana rap. (15 pages)