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Dickface Busted

Tennessee man in alleged assault after penis drawn on his face

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Dickface Busted

JANUARY 14--Meet Scott Masse.

The Tennessee man, 25, is facing aggravated assault charges after he allegedly pulled a knife on three men he suspected of drawing a penis on his face after he passed out at a party. According to a Murfreesboro Police Department report, when Masse awoke at around 1 AM on January 6 (he had nodded off on a friend's couch) the men were laughing at him.

It was then that Masse determined that 'someone had drawn a picture of a male genitalia on his face with black marker while he was asleep,' according to the report, a copy of which you can find here. In a bid to ascertain who put the penis on his face, Masse allegedly pulled out a pocket knife and warned that he would start cutting people unless the artist stepped forward.

In a TSG interview, Masse denied pulling a knife, but confirmed that a penis had been drawn on his face and that it 'took some scrubbing' to remove the image, which apparently was applied with a Sharpie-like marker. Masse added that he had succeeded in removing the drawing by the time police arrived and arrested him. Hence no embarrassing markings can be seen in his Rutherford County Sheriff's Office mug shot, which is above.

Masse was released after about three hours in custody and is scheduled for a March 6 court hearing on the felony charges. (3 pages)