Deputy Dog

Florida cop used dashboard cam to film women's butts, cleavage

FEBRUARY 8--A Florida sheriff's deputy was fired this week for using his patrol car's dashboard camera to film scantily clad women at public beaches.

Jack Munsey, 36, lost his job with the Martin County Sheriff's Office after internal affairs officers obtained two videotapes showing the cop's cinematic efforts.

As seen in these video stills, Munsey, who spent 10 years on the force, used the camera's zoom function for close-up views of, among other things, a woman using an outdoor shower in Jensen Beach. He even got shots when a breeze blew up the skirt of another gal. The videotape also includes images--all of which were shot late last year--of assorted bikinied bottoms and cleavage.

According to a detailed sheriff's report, Munsey showed the video to a fellow sheriff, who was bothered by the images and spoke to three other deputies about them. Soon, internal affairs investigators were involved and they approached Munsey, who turned over two videotapes containing a combined 79 minutes of his pervy handiwork. One video was labeled, "Do not use."

When questioned as to why he filmed the women, Munsey told investigators, "They were pretty." However, he denied using the videos for his own sexual gratification. (18 pages)