The Deadbeat Daddy Baby Machine

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The Deadbeat Daddy Baby Machine

Meet Sean Talty.

The 30-year-old Ohio man is a deadbeat father who has routinely ignored court orders directing him to pay child support for his various offspring (there's a question as to whether Talty, a construction foreman, has sired six or seven kids).

Talty was convicted in July of two felony charges for failing to pay about $38,000 in child support. In sentencing Talty, Court of Common Pleas Judge James Kimbler noted that were Talty jailed, he would likely lose his job and any means by which to provide any child support. So Kimbler opted to sentence Talty to probation, with a special condition that he "take reasonable efforts to avoid conception" of another child.

Kimbler noted in a court order that "while conceiving children is not a crime, not supporting them is." The judge had originally considered banning Talty from fathering any more children, but backed off from that extreme position.

Best of luck to the probation officer who has to reign in this baby-producing love machine. (7 pages)

This deadbeat pop (sorry, no mullet) fathered 12 children with 11 women.