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Cops Seek Cat Taper

Rescue workers found feline bound head to toe in yard

taped cat

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Cops Seek Cat Taper

SEPTEMBER 23--What kind of a person duct tapes a cat head to toe?

Philadelphia police are searching for the misfit who abandoned the animal after wrapping it with the gray industrial-strength tape (the female cat was discovered in a yard yesterday by Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals workers). Bound by the tape, the feline--pictured here in evidence photos--was not able to walk and was apparently left to die.

SPCA workers successfully removed the tape from the cat, who has been nicknamed "Sticky" by rescue workers. As police probe the animal abuse case, SPCA officials have offered a $1000 reward for "the conviction of whoever body-wrapped a cat in duct tape and abandoned it in the rear yard of 2219 Edgley St., in North Philadelphia." (4 pages)

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Did they ever find the fu*ker that did this? I'd like to tape his balls to a tree and let him hang there until he dies.