Cheap Don, Dangerous Don

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Cheap Don, Dangerous Don

1) Just when TSG thought this smarmy, obnoxious,feather-haired Donald Trump couldn't get any cheaper, well, The Donald surprised us. According to this tax return just filed with the IRS, the supposed billionaire's charitable foundation gave away only 157 grand last year (a 25% drop from 1998's paltry number). Unlike prior years, Trump decided not to detail groups to which he donated--so we don't know if New York's venerable Landmarks Conservancy got another whopping 25 clams from Mr. Moneybags. (1 page)

2) First it was David Hasselhoff. Then Kenny Rogers.Now poor Don Henley has been hit with a "thrown object"lawsuit, this one filed by an Arkansas fan. Mary Ann Haley claims Henley gave her a percussion concussion after she took a flash photograph during an October concert in North Little Rock. (4 pages)

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