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Blow-up Doll Party

Floridian nabbed for public ménage a trois with plastic partners

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Blow-up Doll Party

FEBRUARY 5--A Florida man was arrested yesterday after he was spotted fondling and making out with a pair of blow-up dolls in a supermarket parking lot.

Shoppers called cops when they spotted George Bartusek, 51, getting busy in the front seat of his 1998 Lincoln Town Car, which was parked directly in front of a Publix store. Evidence photos (seen here) showing Bartusek's inanimate partners were provided to TSG by the Cape Coral Police Department.

According to a police report, witnesses told cops that Bartusek was 'performing activity to two different blow up dolls in his vehicle that was consistent with masturbation and other simulated sexual activity.' He was also spotted 'aggressively' kissing the dolls. When confronted by police, Bartusek said that he was headed to Target to 'get some clothes for his dolls.'

Bartusek, charged with breach of peace, was wearing shorts with a three-inch opening 'in the crotch area.' Of course, he 'had no underwear on under the shorts,' noted police. Bartusek is pictured at left in a Lee County Sheriff's Office mug shot. (4 pages)