Bashing Bronco & Minny Mutilator

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Bashing Bronco & Minny Mutilator

Minny Mutilator

Here's another TSG twofer:

1) Is it us or is every NFL player in the can or awaiting arraignment? Denver Broncos wide receiver Rod Smith, a recent arrestee, has been charged with battering his common-law wife, according to this affidavit prepared by Colorado cops. The document shows how a reluctant victim can sometimes spare her abuser--even if he's a "celebrity" like Smith. (5 pages)

2) Some people dig self-mutilation. Take Minnesota's Ervin Earl Bruce--please! You'll have to read this police incident report to learn of his recent, um, handiwork. Bruce now joins Earl Zea and Thomas Rollo in TSG's truncated triumvirate. (4 pages)