"American Idol" Finalist's Sticky Fingers

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"American Idol" Finalist's Sticky Fingers

M.I.A.: Lenny Kravitz didn't rock the vote.

MARCH 27--Meet Lashundra Cobbins.

The 22-year-old Memphis woman is better known as "Trenyce," one of the nine remaining "American Idol" finalists. And, in the proud tradition of reality TV, the unemployed singer has a rap sheet.

Cobbins was busted in October 1999 on a felony theft charge, for which she was placed the following year in a pre-trial diversion program by a Shelby County Criminal Court judge (one of those, "keep your nose clean and we'll expunge the records" deals).

At left you'll find Cobbins's official mug shot, as recorded by the paparazzi of the Memphis Police Department.

According to a Q&A segment on the Fox Television web site, when Cobbins was asked about the most embarrassing moment of her life, she answered, "I don't have one that I can think of." The kid's real modest.

Per network policy, a spokesperson told TSG that Fox does not comment on the private lives of its reality show participants. But since Cobbins apparently told "American Idol" producers about her criminal history, she's safe for now (until, of course, America votes her off the island). (1 page)