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Georgia Tech grad claims $53,000 strip club credit card fleecing

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American Excess

OCTOBER 29--After graduating from Georgia Tech, Tom Salter returned home to Florida in the mood to celebrate.

So, in mid-August, Salter went on a bar-hopping spree that ended at the Club 10 strip joint in Fort Walton Beach. It was there, Salter claims, that he passed out in the VIP room, after enjoying a $500 private dance (for which he tipped $100).

Of course, when Salter later got his American Express bill, the Club 10 tab was listed as $53,000. That's when Salter's father, who shared the AmEx account with his 24-year-old son, called the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office to claim that his hard-partying boy was illegally fleeced by the club (and may even have been drugged).

As seen in sheriff's reports, the younger Salter told investigators that he recalled being awakened a couple of times and told, 'Here, sign this. You have to sign this.' The club contends that it did not take advantage of Salter, who they claim knowingly signed a series of credit card receipts for expensive champagne, lap dances, and other VIP room ministrations.

While cops try to sort out the conflicting claims, the Salters should be happy the tab wasn't $241,000 or $129,626. (2 pages)